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Intensive study and application of memory techniques, beneficial in both competitions and academic pursuits.

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Successfully applying memory techniques to his studies in information technology, philosophy, and sociology.

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Traveling worldwide for competitions and personal growth, using his experiences to inspire others.

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A renowned memory champion who has transformed personal challenges into extraordinary achievements. Journey through the inspiring story of a man who, despite living with the muscle disease FSHD, mastered the art of memory and rose to international acclaim. Read more about his journey to becoming a world champion, and his unique insights into the power of the mind. Discover how Dr. Mallow’s dedication to memory sports and his academic pursuits in information technology, philosophy, and sociology have shaped a remarkable career and life.

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Dr. Johannes Mallow's achievements

Dr. Johannes Mallow’s achievements include being a multiple-time German Memory Champion and achieving the pinnacle of memory sports by becoming a World Memory Champion. His journey in memory sports began in 2003 and quickly progressed, with his participation in the Northern German Memory Championship in 2004. By 2008, he had won his first German Memory Champion title and continued to excel in subsequent championships. His dedication led him to compete internationally, traveling to countries like Bahrain and China, culminating in his world championship victory in 2012.

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